Personalised Silver Baby Keepsake Boxes and Christening Gift Ideas

¬† Sterling silver tooth fairy box christening gift ideas are some of the best gift ideas for mums and newborns. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to choose the right gift that marks the birth of a child. Chocolates and flowers are lovely. However, most mothers and children appreciate keepsakes that they will enjoy forever….

Tips for Buying Sparkling Crystal Christmas Jewelry UK Products

Do you want to buy sparkling crystal Christmas jewelry UK products? Then you need tips to guide you so that you can purchase the right product. Here are some of the tips that should guide you when purchasing your crystal jewelry for Christmas.   Buy from the best store   There are many stores that…


In the weeks and months to come I look forward to taking you with me on this trip down memory lane and the winding roads of my past, present and future.

British Hallmarks

Ari D. Norman is a strong advocate of the British hallmarking tradition. In fact we are the London Assay Offi ce’s largest client for silver articles. As I travel the world and explain the system and what it means to our potential international clients, my words are met with respect¬†and awe since so many of…


My pieces would use thicker silver, and would combine the skills of hand work, casting and
stamping in single pieces such as pillboxes mounted with cast three dimensional moveable
animals. I would not be compromised into adopting cost cutting manufacturing techniques.