The Mama and Papa Pillbox

“The Hippo and Squirrel happily sit on opposite ends of a seesaw and near them is a large freshly baked cake. The hungry Hippo eyes the delicious cake, wondering how he can be allowed to have a piece. He looks across at his wife the Squirrel, sitting happily at the other end of the seesaw and an expression of cunning briefly crosses his face. “Here darling, have a piece, you know you like it”. The smiling Squirrel eagerly takes a slice of cake offered by her husband, which she eats very quickly. Suddenly she finds her end of the seesaw has come down with a bump! Naturally being a polite and sensitive animal the Squirrel immediately offers her husband the Hippo a large slice of cake in return, which he accepts
with a smile on his face. He eats the cake joyously and then his end of the seesaw hits the ground with a bump! The happy Hippo immediately starts to think of how to get some more cake. Have another piece darling, it really is good!”. The Squirrel is once again tempted and finds herself hitting the ground with a bump! Needless to say, pieces of cake are exchanged throughout the night with accompanying bumps! When the sun rises, the seesaw is at rest, only the crumbs remain and the happy Hippo and the smiling Squirrel are contentedly asleep in each other’s arms’.

Love you mum and dad!

Ari Norman
Chairman & Managing Director
Ari D Norman Ltd
Argenta House
Argenta Way
London NW10 0AZ



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