First a little history to set the scene…

During the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and the 19th Century, Britain became the first country in the world to shift its economy from agriculture to manufacturing. This gave British silversmiths, whose work was already held in very high regard around the world, the opportunity to increase their output and widen their market. The British hallmark became an international symbol of trusted fineness and impeccable quality.

At an early stage in the development of Ari D. Norman I realised that my creativity would be stifled if I owned the means of production since, not only would I be tied to maintaining a full workload for the machines and tools which we owned in order to recover the investment made in them, but I would also, as a result, only be able to create and offer products of one category.


I decided therefore to contact and form partnerships with leading UK silversmiths to form partnerships in which I would supply designs and raw materials and they in turn would use their machinery, tools and craftsmanship to produce my unique pieces. These partnerships allowed me to offer a collection of pieces produced by a combination of casting, stamping, spinning and decorated with enamelling, stone setting or simply polished to perfection.


Hence the Ari D. Norman collection could be design led without being constrained by the limits of any one production method.

My pieces would use thicker silver, and would combine the skills of hand work, casting and
stamping in single pieces such as pillboxes mounted with cast three dimensional moveable
animals. I would not be compromised into adopting cost cutting manufacturing techniques.


Today the Ari D. Norman collection offers quality, value and unique pieces produced by combining a variety of production processes which are often adorned with additional high quality materials such as vitreous enamels or Austrian crystals.


The combination of design led products created with uncompromising quality, results in sought after collectable pieces destined to last the test of time and become proud heirlooms for future generations even if I do say so myself!

Warmest regards,

Ari Norman
Chairman & Managing Director
Ari D Norman Ltd
Argenta House
Argenta Way
London NW10 0AZ


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