Personalised Silver Baby Keepsake Boxes and Christening Gift Ideas


Sterling silver tooth fairy box christening gift ideas are some of the best gift ideas for mums and newborns. Sometimes, you may find it difficult to choose the right gift that marks the birth of a child. Chocolates and flowers are lovely. However, most mothers and children appreciate keepsakes that they will enjoy forever. If you need gift inspiration for a new mum and the tiny, precious addition into your family, these ideas will help you a great deal.


Tooth fairy box


A sterling silver tooth fairy box is a perfect gift for a newborn baby. It is a christening present that the child will lover throughout his or her life. Everybody loves to preserve their first tooth. This box provides a great place for preserving this tooth. Over the years, a sterling silver box has always been a perfect christening gift. It is also possible to have this gift engraved with date, name or even a special message. It can be wrapped properly and posted to your loved one. This means you do not have to deliver the gift yourself.


Silver equestrian horse brooch and pins


If you love horses, a silver equestrian horse brooch lets you express your love for horse riding in style. It enables you to let the world know that your heart is with the horse while wearing a brooch on your dress or blouse. With a horse brooch, a carefully selected pin will be the right piece to complement it. If you opt to order it as a gift, make sure that each piece is boxed properly and check the note card for the horse brooch carefully.


Personalised silver baby keepsake boxes


Sterling silver gifts have always been a fashionable for women across ages. Whether a horse brooch or a pin any equestrian lover will be impressed by a personalized silver gift. The gift however, should be designed properly to make it timeless and very chic. A pretty horse brooch horse or tooth fairy box for instance will add style touch to the look of any woman. Horse pins also work pretty well on sweaters, dresses, blazers and scarf. This has made them some of the most fashionable pieces for women.


There is no better way of demonstrating your appreciation and love for a new mum and a newborn that buying them a christening gift. Follow these sterling silver christening gift ideas to buy the right gift for your loved ones.


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