Ari D. Norman Expands its Silver Brooch Collection to Include New Designs

Ari D. Norman is a British silversmith that specializes in luxury Sterling Silver and High Fashion Costume Jewelery, Gifts and Accessories. The jewellery store first began as a manufacturing company but later opened up a division for design and production to meet the needs of their clients. Currently, they have expanded their product line and are recognized as a leading brand in the luxury jewelery market in the UK and beyond.

Although their main focus is in the design and production of silver jewelery inspired by the Art Deco, Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. They also offer other gift collections that focus on holidays and celebration pieces plus one specifically designed for dogs. Even so, some of their pieces are custom made to meet specific requirements provided by clients that need items that are unique and complement their personal style. Their jewellery always has the British hallmark engraved into them to help those purchasing to identify genuine pieces from their collections.

Silver brooches inspired by romance, adventure and the liberated spirit of previous eras designed by the silversmith are popular among jewellery enthusiasts. Their collection of brooches has breathtaking and unique designs for individuals as well as their pets. The silver Victorian amethyst brooch and pins is one of their most popular pieces because of its timeless appearance that makes the wearer stand out. The piece can be worn in both formal and informal settings making it an all round accessory for the modern woman.

Animal inspired brooches are also part of their collection with crystal animal brooches and pins London being one of the favourites at the store. Their brooch designs are many and include dog, cat, horse, reptile, bird and insect brooches that have been intricately designed to resemble the actual animal or insect. It is common to find such designs improved using precious stones or pearls to add value to their overall look.

Apart from silver brooches that have unique designs, Ari D. Norman also offers other gift items to those looking for exclusive items. Their sterling silver folding frames UK is a popular item among shoppers that are looking to buy jewellery at the store. The frames are an ideal gift item for everyone, making it an ideal gift item for new friends and acquaintances in life. The main focus of Ari D. Norman is to continue providing luxury jewellery and accessories to residents of the UK and beyond its borders.





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