Ari d Norman Stores to Incorporate Cloud Computing Into Shipping

As more and more people opt for gifts like solid sterling silver hip flask engraved UK made, there is a need for shipping products to customers who visit the store even outside the UK. For the longest time, shipping has been a troublesome process. There is too much man hours wasted and many people are required to ensure they get all the calculations right. The higher the number of people required in the shipping process, the more the mistakes that can be made and the higher the rates for shipping products. This is because each person involved will have to be paid for the hours they have worked.

These expenses do not just go to the company, they are also reflected on the shipping costs. When shipping, customers have to pay hefty amounts to ship products.  Apart from the total cost of buying large bulky items to personalised sterling silver christening baby cups spoons forks knives, the customer has to pay expensive shipping charges. This is more so if the customer is not buying the goods in bulk and cannot get free deliveries or reduced shipping costs.

While coupons help to  reduce the shipping charges, customers will not always have the coupons. As a result, the store loose more and more customers due to the fact that most prefer spending a whole day in queues at the malls looking for what they want because it is cheaper than paying the freight charges.

Customers constantly complain that while the products they want to buy are of high quality, the shipping costs are too much.

According to the CEO of the company, these charges can be decreased by incorporating cloud computing to its shipping processes. This means that tracking of cargo, inventory controls and prices will be computerized. Not only will this decrease the number of people required at the job, it will also automate processes. Customers will benefit because they will receive the goods they request faster. They will also receive them at lower costs. Better inventory keeping means that the company will not suffer losses in case mistakes are made. Such benefits will also be reflected to the total costs of shopping from the company’s online platforms.

The happier the customer is, the happier the company will be. Cloud computing also makes the company more competitive in the industry. Visit


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