Debunking Gift Giving Myths

There is usually an occasion or theme that precedes a gift. For the most part, people are prepared for the major events like Christmas, birthdays and wedding. These are however, not the only occasions that gifts can be given. In my opinion even the simple act of buying something unique to appreciate the friendship you’ve shared with someone is an event!

These are in fact, perhaps more appropriate moments to give presents.

Major gifting seasons like Christmas often don’t offer that extra unexpected surprise. When everyone is buying everyone a gift; the surprise, sentiment and appreciation takes on a whole new meaning in the spirit of the season but is not necessarily unique or special to that person in particular. If you want to make your gift truly memorable, then don’t just wait for the traditional gift giving seasons and occasions.

With ever changing fashion trends you can bet that your friend does not have to or indeed want to wait for Christmas to wear that special crystal snowflake jewellery she’s had her eye on. Or for example take my friend Natali who is simply in love with frogs of all shapes and sizes, whether its drinks coaster, figurines or even towels you will see frogs everywhere you look in her house, and every year for Christmas I buy her a frog, its like a little tradition now… but last week I saw this collection of absolutely stunning silver frog jewellery UK  made, well I think its UK made because it had an English hallmark on it, anyway it was lovely and shiny with beautiful green enamel and diamonds to boot, absolutely perfect!! So there is no way I am going to wait till Christmas to give it to her if I buy it because not only do I want to see her face when she sees it but I know it will come as a complete shock and will mean that little bit more every time she wears it.

The truth is that people want to look stunning every moment of their life. And the surprise truly lies in waiting for those unexpected moments to give these presents.

Take a home renovation project for instance. It is often considered a personal thing for the family. But the truth is that such projects are taken to improve how the home looks, because in these modern times, having an attractive home is something of prestige and pride. So for example your friend has invited you to a house warming party for their newly renovated home which you know is in the style of the 1920’s, an era your friend is just obsessed with and won’t stop talking about LOL… you remember that quirky little retro store you pass by every day with the silver art deco jewellery UK sale sign in the front window, and Eureka…you think instead of buying a nice bottle of wine for the party why don’t I buy her a lovely piece of Art Deco jewelry which I can give her before the party and that way she can wear Art Deco as she shows us her Art Deco house! And there you have it, you’ve come up with an idea for a gift that she will never forget and is completely unexpected and very personal – the more you get creative the more your gift will always mean!

So steer clear of those forgettable yet tempting clichés of flowers, perfumes, gift cards and chocolates.

Of utmost importance is the company or shop you buy your gift from. Take time to find a competent and trusted gift shop that pays close attention to detail, is honest, unique and reliable. Thankfully, the internet has made it easy to find these gift shops either online or on the high street, but always remember to read reviews and feedback if you can find them!

Happy shopping and may you surprise many people and bring many smiles to those people closest to you, we all deserve a surprise sometimes!



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