4 Foolproof Gift Tips to Consider

So you have been saving up to buy that flamboyant person in your life some peacock jewellery London UK made for your friend’s wedding, and just when you are about to make that important purchase, you start getting second thoughts about your choice.

Sound familiar?

Buying gifts for loved ones is not as easy as it often looks. And when most people run out of gift ideas, they tend to fall back on the old favorites. This, however, does not have to be the case with these 4 surefire gift choosing tips below.

  1. Make it an Event

One of the most important things about giving a present is how you present it. Do not wrap your gift in traditional wrapping paper. If you want to make the gifting experience a memorable event, you may want to find unique packaging for the gift. In most cases, it is not just the price of gifts that matter, but the thoughtfulness that goes into it AND remember the first impression is always going to be the packaging.

Imagine Silver Mother of Pearl Cufflinks UK made hidden inside the jaws of a giant stuffed shark for example. Your friend may have to look at it for awhile to figure why on earth you have given them a Jaws of their very own but on closer inspection they will see the shimmering of light against the mother of pearl shell and be dazzled by the true gift which lay hidden – something a little fun and different J

  1. Have a think about Previous Experiences

A good rule of thumb is to take time and think about the recipient’s life events, or the moments you’ve shared with them. This should give you clear insights into the most appropriate gifts. If for instance the recipient has recently graduated from college, you can buy them a silver photo frame to display their diploma proudly. Or a gift like Sterling silver designer cufflinks UK made would go well with someone who is just starting their career. Perhaps they have just got a new dog or cat. What better than an ID tag for their collar with the pets name and a telephone number engraved on it in case they get lost – there are so many ways to pay attention to peoples’ lives and be inspired to give them something truly meaningful.

  1. Stalking (not the crazy kind lol)

When the word stalking is used, it often gives you the impression of weirdoes hiding in the shadows watching your every move. But in this case, the kind of stalking I am talking about is of a much nicer variety. Most people have their wish lists on different online shops such as Amazon or you can go further and look through their Facebook or Pinterest accounts for clues too. The recipient is definitely going to be delighted that you somehow picked the gift they were hoping for, even without asking – they may wonder how you picked that perfect gift but that will be our little secret!

  1. Make it Personal

Making your gift personal for the important people in your life is one of, if not the best way to have your gift remembered and cherished for many years to come. Engraving messages or images on your gifts that the recipient can relate with will go a long way to make the entire gifting experience so much more fun.


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