The Psychological Perspective to Gift-Giving

Whether you are giving or receiving a gift, this is something that benefits both parties. But as the sages would have it; better to give than to receive. Now, in a time when Sage advice often falls on deaf ears and with the whole of society living in the first lane of a technologically evolving world this is not an easy thing to do! People are spending more time chasing new technologies instead of being with their loved ones. Consequently, most people whether we like it or not have sunk into the habit of appreciating their loved ones through material possessions.

But what is the benefit of catering to the BOX SET addict in your life with a membership to NETFLIX or the giving of the annual K9 themed trinket to your aunt who only has patience for her 4 legged friends and is steadily amassing a huge collection of weird and wonderful dog jewelry and collectibles UK made?

The gift giving culture has become mainstream and at times even dangerous and manic now we have Black Friday and CYBER Monday to prepare for every year! With the younger generations now habitually trying to amass as much material possessions to demonstrate their identity to the outside world rather than communicating who they are, they spend; they are trying to buy who they are and let’s face it why should they know any better when you consider the example we have set – it’s the world we created for them and have happily lived in for many a year and at this rate there is no way society can catch the pace of technology and its impact on cultures and habits.

Technology makes everything faster and the world smaller and reactive, so with the white noise of the millions of servers in the world buzzing in the background it gets really hard to focus and to know what or even how to truly appreciate things – all we can do is try and not be led by the act of the purchase itself but instead the sentiment behind it.

Even though within 20 minutes the most savvy of online shoppers could have their whole Christmas list bought, I say slow down (flashbacks of a Karl Pilkington Episodes come to mind now that I’ve’ said that, sllloooww dowwwnnn lol), seriously though, don’t look based on price alone or how quickly it will get to you. Feel your way round the online shopping experience – take your time to enjoy the fact you can save that energy you would have spent just getting to store let alone picking things now you have the internet BUT don’t take that saved time and spend it on an extra episode of Downton Abbey!

Instead make that gift, which let’s face it is that little way we all unconsciously use to show love, something special in the pursuit of that smile on the persons face! Just think, that good feeling we all chase like a drug almost, will give you such a greater and lasting high if it’s not just a gift on a list that you are waiting to cross off but rather an experience for you and the recipient.

To begin with, exchanging gifts is a tradition used to mark milestones in peoples’ lives or the various holidays and events round the year, whether it’s Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings, graduations, Christenings or even divorces, the list is never ending! This is in fact one of the reasons why Ari D Norman, UK’s leading online gift collection and jewellery supplier is committed to offering a wide array of gift options, because every day and nearly anything can be an event for a gift and with the largest sterling silver collection on offer worldwide and countless bespoke brand building projects for some of the most well known brands in the world under their belt, Ari D. Norman is the one stop shop for all things shiny and precious whether it’s of the shelf or something made just for you!

Whether your gift is as small as sterling silver pendants UK made or as big as a Range Rover sports car, this is a universal way to demonstrate appreciation, gratitude, and interest. And besides strengthening bonds with the recipients it’s become our societies little way of Paying it Forward.

Therefore, the whole act of determining the perfect gift for the recipient is very important. While most recipients will not tell you to your face that they are least impressed with the gift, in fact their disappointment is often subconscious! So it is important you take time to find a gift that will elicit immediate appreciation and joy.

That notwithstanding, and without wanting to sound like Confucius or Sun Tzu, the art of exchanging gifts has numerous psychological benefits. To begin with, gift giving demonstrates an unselfish concern about other people’s wellbeing, often referred to as altruism – not a word we hear too often is it! According to studies, giving without expecting reciprocation of the favor helps to improve psychological wellbeing. While giving a gift brings good feelings internally, there are also other extrinsic benefits attached to it – but let’s focus on the good feelings and altruism please!

There is often a kind of enormous satisfaction when you see the expression on the recipient’s face and whether it is for a second or 10 minutes we need that fix of human connectivity when the barriers are down and we can truly feel with the onset of joy.

Buying Ari D Norman’s Sterling silver mother’s day jewellery gifts for instance, would help to reinforce appreciation and acknowledgement to that special mother in your life and let’s be honest if your mum is anything like mine she deserves the whole shop let alone a silver mother’s day gift!! And doesn’t that sum it up, we want to give the world to the people we love but we can only give what we can buy and box so take the time and give the world to your mother – it can fit inside a small silver locket or a packet of hobnobs if you’ve just thought about it and them a little bit longer!!


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