Unique Sterling Silver Gift Ideas for Most Occasions

There is a subtle art to good gift giving. Ideally, just the thought of getting a loved one a gift should be enough, but you also want your gift to be valued and appreciated.

Sterling silver gifts are a great idea especially if you can get unusual sterling silver personalized christening baby gifts UK made or other uncommon gifts. There are a few suggestions to hopefully make the process of choosing a gift much easer and ensure that you give the perfect present.

For a House Warming

You may be attending a friend’s or family house warming party of a party to celebrate the purchase of a new home. Buying a great gift in this situation can be tricky especially if you don’t want to replicate what others might have already bought. Consider sterling silver toothpicks and holders UK. A sterling silver toothpick is perfect for a bachelor or single person and works a lot like a pen knife. It’s an unusual yet practical gift that the recipient can take anywhere. A sterling silver toothpick holder will definitely have a prominent place on the dining table and a great reminder to the host of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Get Well Soon

Getting a gift for a relative or friend who just left the hospital can be very difficult. Flowers, balloons and fruit baskets are always an option but consider most other people probably already got gifts along these lines. A sterling sliver pill box is a practical yet thoughtful gift. Carrying around pill bottles is a constant reminder of the illness while this beautiful box can help to put a positive twist on a bad situation.


Shopping for a grand father, great uncle or father can be difficult and you can’t continue to give cufflinks at every occasion. Find a sterling silver snuff box for sale UK for a family member who likes his tobacco. This gift retains its beautiful look for decades so you can be sure it’s a present that he will have close at hand at all times. It’s also something your loved one can be proud to use in public and a great reminder of your love and affection.


Shopping for a toddler isn’t the easiest thing in the world since they won’t use the gift in the first place. There is a wide selection of sterling silver christening gifts to choose from including a tooth fairy box. This enamel and sterling silver container will hold the baby’s first tooth and is a unique keepsake they can treasure for years to come.

These are just a few ideas of uncommon gifts that will make a perfect present for most occasions. Sterling silver is a great material to choose from because it is durable and doesn’t lose its appeal for decades and even a life time.


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